Italia Classic picture


The Italia Classic is a smaller, rounder, rescaled nod to the design genius of Coco Chinetti, who removed the roof from a Ferrari 275 GTB to create the NART Spyder. While there were only 9 original NART Spyders built, there are currently 73 Simpson Design Italia Classics in the world.


Built on a 1st generation (NA) Miata. Basic package includes only the 4 main body panels. Complete package includes panels, hardware, and lights.


The Italia Classic composite component package for NA has been replaced with the updated version with the tilt front end and no longer features a separate hood.  This makes for a more sophisticated car that is easier to build.  We will continue to supply parts as needed for existing cars indefinitely. The complete composite component package including lights is $8,500 USD plus $250 crating fee.  Shipping averages $490-$580 USD to the continental US. A turnkey on your Miata, including quality paint, starts at $14,900 USD.